All our carp are spawned in a hatchery by John at Fishers Pond artificially and then put out into special prepared ponds to grown on. At 12 months old the 3 inch to 4 inch fry are stocked into a 3 acre lake where they spend their second year. At the end of the second year the carp selected to grow on now between 1 lb 8 oz and 2 lb go into a 10 acre site being the main pond at Fishers Pond where they get to feed on natural food as well as a supplement of pellet. The best of the three summer carp at between 6 lb and 8 lb then leave Fishers Pond and move to two fabulous lakes of 10 acres and 12 acres full of natural food where they spend the summer enjoying their wonderful environment before being harvested and either grown on or sold.

Our 10 acre and 12 acre growing on sites a fantastic environment for our carp to grow up instead of the small stock ponds fed sole artificially by many of our competitors. How would you like to see your carp grow up. It’s a no brainer Simmos fantastic natural large out sites.




When buying four year carp the ratio of females to males can be as high as 80% females, while in older year classes it can be as high as 90%. If you are stocking with four year or larger fish into a new water or a water with very few carp it is important to let us know so we can make sure there are enough males in your batch to make sure the females don’t become spawn bound and die prematurely. Males on the whole are slower growing but do live longer than females and we are growing on an increasing number of our best males to 20 lb plus. Nearly half of this year’s production of 19 lb plus fish are males.



It doesn’t matter how careful we are at harvesting your carp they will always pick up superficial fin and scale damage during harvesting and transport but the damage will be superficial and will quickly heal. On the day of receiving your stock if you want to photo all of your carp please be organised with cameras unhooking mats etc. (it’s worth noting digital cameras don’t like very cold conditions). We suggest you number large white envelopes with the numbers of the amount of fish you are having and have a black felt tip pen on the day to put the weight alongside the number of the fish. Please make sure you have enough people to make the stocking go as smoothly as possible. After starting out on most deliveries at 4.00 am we would appreciate your help in being on time to receive your fish and being organised to save as much time on the delivery as possible.



I am always available on the end of a phone to give free advice on all matters relating to carp stockings and all aspects of coarse fishery management whether you are an existing customer or not. Please feel free to utilise my experience as it may save you a lot of money or heartache long term.