1. All orders must be received in writing and will be confirmed in writing by Heather Fisheries.


2. Fish will only be supplied after we receive a copy of your site permit with. Heather Fisheries will take care of the necessary paperwork on your behalf for a charge of £15.00. Health certificates will be provided to the Environment Agency.


3. No guarantee can be taken to supply the whole order with the size of fish as requested, but orders are accepted on the terms that given normal growing conditions and bar disasters the fish you have ordered will be available. Any shortfalls in numbers or size will be notified to you well before delivery so you can make a decision whether you still want the fish.


4. Delivery of fish will be notified at least one week in advance.


5. All fish will be weighed on delivery and you will be charged the agreed price per lb to the nearest quarter of a pound.


6. Heather Fisheries guarantees the health and condition of the fish to your fishery. On arrival you will be asked if you are happy with the fish. They will then be weighed or counted into your fishery and you will be asked to sign for them.


7. Once the fish leave the delivery tank and are in your waters and accepted by you then they become your responsibility and no claims can be made against Heather Fisheries under any circumstances in the future.


8. The whole order is subject to vat.


9. Payment will be made on the day of the delivery. Delivery will be charged at a minimum of £100.00 and a maximum of £250.00 depending on location.

V.A.T at 20% will be added to fish and delivery.



N.B Once carp are harvested they will lose scales and get skin grazes and fin damage between then and being delivered to the customer. This damage is superficial and will heal quickly.