Trout Pellet for sale


We can offer a complete range of trout pellets at unbeatable prices to anglers, syndicates and fishery owners.  The pellets are on a collection only basis from our base at Cadnam in the New Forest.  Dozens of fisheries and anglers buy trout pellets from us to supplement feed their carp with some tremendous results in some cases from fish that had stood still for several years. Anglers can take benefit from our pellets at prices well below bait companies and tackle shops.


    25 kilo sacks                   5 plus sacks

3mm pellet               £30.00                            £28.00

4.5mm pellet            £28.50                            £27.00

6mm pellet               £28.50                            £27.00

8mm pellet               £28.50                            £27.00

11mm pellet             £28.50                            £27.00


1 tonne price £1000.00


Place you order now either by emailing us at or by phone on 02380 812276.